Wallet lost and found

I woke blurry and still tired from the recent unaccustomed physical work get a quick cup of black tea at the YHA. I not been paying attention when I put my wallet in my pocket because I didn’t have it when I looked for it 30 minutes after getting off the bus. I went to the Bus depot to check their lost property office, but it turns out ACTION buses have changed policy and now to lost property at the terminus (in Tuggeranong and Belconnen). So I went back to the terminus and my wallet was there. I was pleasantly surprised to find that nothing was missing at all, even the $400 plus cash. When I told this story, most people were amazed. Some said I was lucky. One of my Dhamma friends said this was kamma. She said that this is a result of me previously keeping the second precept (of the five precepts for lay Buddhists) of not stealing.

So the there was some delay with the work of the day, sorting and cleaning my old rental. I’ve done a lot and there is still a lot to do. My children want to take a day off school tomorrow to help me clean up. My son is keen to spend more time with me before I go (even if he has to do some work…). We’ll see how we go.

I’ll hire a ute from Kennards and take some more junk to the recycling depot at Mitchell. Then I need to sweep, mop, wipe. I have lunch with one friend and dinner with another. I may not have much time with either given all the work I have to do. House inspection is Friday morning.


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