Debt free

My plan now is to find employment as soon as possible and live cheaply while saving money to continue my journey.

I’ve been looking at job vacancies in the WA state government, universities and state branches of Commonwealth government departments. There seem to be quite a few positions that may suit my experience and background.

I will have a better idea for how long it will take to save travel money once I get a job and settle into a routine. I am not yet sure of expenses. It should be cheap to live here with my Mum and with my siblings nearby. I will not buy any furniture or other major items. I am glad I brought my suits and shirts over on this trip.

In the meantime, I shall continue reading my Tipitaka books and practicing meditation in spare moments. I have little inclination to go to movies or attend any other entertainments. I may attend family gatherings. My siblings and Mum often meet for dinner during the week and lunch on weekends.

Many kind friends have offered to loan money. I prefer to avoid debts. I feel very uncomfortable to owe money to family or friends. I want to clear my personal loan debt and hope other debts will be less or zero soon. Lord Buddha rightly said that being debt free is bliss.

Anana Sutta, AN 4.62

“And what is the bliss of debtlessness? There is the case where the son of a good family owes no debt, great or small, to anyone at all. When he thinks, ‘I owe no debt, great or small, to anyone at all,’ he experiences bliss, he experiences joy. This is called the bliss of debtlessness.”

I believe this debtlessness will be a cause for happiness and peace of mind. Happiness and peace of mind will be a cause for stronger concentration. Stronger concentration will be a cause for discernment to arise that will remove the cause for suffering. Thus working to be free from debt is Dhamma practice.

Yogis who practice in this way with right view will benefit in the present and the future. Non-Buddhists who may work to be free from debt will benefit a little. A sincere Buddhist with right view will benefit far more. A person who has this kind of right view – believing in intentional action and results (kamma) is building the perfections for the Eightfold Noble Path.

I should have at least $2000 saved in Australia for emergency use and also have travel insurance for 12 months which may be renewed if I stay in Asia longer as a lay man.


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