I’m recovering from a cold. Other family members had it before me and recovered already.

I’ve been applying for many jobs in the WA and federal governments, many in policy development and project management roles. I’ve had a few interviews and two confirmed rejects. Many applications still pending. I’m confident the right job will come along sooner or later.

Last week Mum’s kitchen was renovated. Mum is very pleased with the look and convenience of the new kitchen and appliances.

I spend a lot of my day writing applications, surfing the net or reading Samyuttanikaaya. I’m about half way through. I get a thrill from reading suttas that refer directly to vipassana practice. All of it is great though. I particularly like reading the suttas in Khandhanikaaya and Salyaayatananikaaya sections. I can’t recommend them enough… brilliant.


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