Work and Worldly Routines

I’ve been working for two weeks in my new job. There are many similarities and differences compared with previous jobs in Canberra. I have found here there is less concern with security, people dress more casually and the amounts of money for programs are smaller. As expected, I’ve been spending a lot of time learning the policy area, the current issues and the positions of various policy agents (stakeholders). My bosses have complimented me already saying that I seem to have done a lot and made a good impression. I’ll be flying down south for a 3 day work trip in few days. We’ll hire a car then drive to a few places to meet local officials. That should be interesting.

The down side for me is the long commute. I leave home at 6:30AM and get home around 6:30PM or slightly later. I walk 15 minutes to get to the bus stop, sit on a bus to the office for 45 minutes get another bus and take another 30 minutes to get to the office. The trip home is the same in reverse. I’m thinking of not taking the second shorter bus route and just walking that bit. It is an easy decision really. I can peacefully walk by the Swan River and avoid the busy main street stop-start bus ride. I’ve been walking during lunch breaks too. In addition to the Swan River foreshore, there is a lovely Garden nearby with flowers, ducks and shady trees. I plan to take a sitting mat and do a quick 20 minute sit during the lunch break.

My day normally starts by waking at 5:00AM, wash the face, quick coffee, down dog on the ropes for my back and then a 30 minute sit, cereal, change appearance and possibly check the home e-mail and headlines. Mum is usually just getting up by the time I walk out the door. I do another shorter sit before sleeping. I struggle to stay awake during the evening sit. I’ve been continuing to read sutta while sitting on the bus to work. I’ve finished the Samyuttanikaaya and am now part way through the Majjhimanikaaya again. Next I may read the Anguttaranikaaya again before moving on to the Vissudhimagga again. A rewarding cycle of reading.


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