Dream Visions

When I was 19, before I became Buddhist, I had three dream visions in one night. I woke each time deeply impressed. I can still remember these visions clearly almost 30 years later. I agree, I’m not a good artist, nor a skilful user of Gimp, the painting program.

Mountain top storm
Standing on the peak of a mountain at night in a raging storm raging. Rain, thunder and lightning. Straining against the strong wind.
Good and evil forces in a competition above Earth
Floating above the Earth between night and day sides. Good and evil forces seem to combat like ghosts around the Earth. For a while the to and fro of the struggle shows the outcome is uncertain. Finally the good forces overcome evil.
Afternoon tea with two aunties
A large house in the country, a refuge. Tired and worn, I enter and meet two kind aunties who serve tea and cakes. We sit and chat. They lovingly reassure me that everything will be alright. I relax, at peace.

One thought on “Dream Visions

  1. Hi Michael,I’m impressed with your attempt at recreating images from your dreams. Not an easy thing to do especially with graphics programs. It might be easier to paint but then again it may not. I really liked the tea and cake with image and the meaning behind it :O)I hope your well and getting closer to fulfillment.John

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