Noting the Object

I read a few pages from Ven. Saydaw U Pandita’s book The State of Mind Called Beautiful. This is a great book for yogis practicing the technique of Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw. I found many excellent passages. The following instructions struck a chord with me.

p. 88. A meditator’s mind must continuously enter and penetrate the object. The mind should sink into its object (
pavattati) at all times. When an object arises the mind has to be with it all the time, second by second, not losing sight of it. This is the function of mindfulness called asammosa rasa, meaning non-forgetfulness or keeping the object in view. One must no longer miss or forget the object, and not slip off from it.

p.89. A meditator who makes an honest, respectful effort to note each arising object will attain concentration and wisdom – – provided that his or her mindfulness is also strong in the preceding and succeeding moments. Then, too, he or she will gain the power to note the object automatically. This happens particularly at the time of the fourth insight knowledge (the fourth naana), the insight into the arising and passing away of objects. One sees dramatically the rapidity with which objects arise and pass away.
Between this and the fifth insight knowledge, which focuses on the dissolution of all objects, mindful noting still seems to be moving slower than the objects themselves. This is true for everybody during those stages of practice, no matter how diligently and continuously they are practicing. It is simply part of the unfolding of the insights.


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