Dream Visions

When I was 19, before I became Buddhist, I had three dream visions in one night. I woke each time deeply impressed. I can still remember these visions clearly almost 30 years later. I agree, I’m not a good artist, nor a skilful user of Gimp, the painting program.

Mountain top storm
Standing on the peak of a mountain at night in a raging storm raging. Rain, thunder and lightning. Straining against the strong wind.
Good and evil forces in a competition above Earth
Floating above the Earth between night and day sides. Good and evil forces seem to combat like ghosts around the Earth. For a while the to and fro of the struggle shows the outcome is uncertain. Finally the good forces overcome evil.
Afternoon tea with two aunties
A large house in the country, a refuge. Tired and worn, I enter and meet two kind aunties who serve tea and cakes. We sit and chat. They lovingly reassure me that everything will be alright. I relax, at peace.